About Me

Emily Turner is an artisan focused on fiber arts. As an online shop owner, she provides handmade fiber art supplies, which include handspun yarn, handpainted wool, and custom crafted items. Her handpainted wool has made it to Canada, Australia, Norway, and Japan. Pattern designer, Holly Priestly, has used some of Emily’s handspun yarn for her Pagosa Slouch and Mitts pattern.
Her fiber fixation began at an early age when her grandmother taught her counted cross-stitch and crochet. Emily became interested in spinning yarn when her father brought home a Saxony style spinning wheel for decoration at the age of 11. It wasn’t until many years later after a visit to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival in 2008 she decided to take it up. By then she had been crocheting for over seventeen years and knitting for three years. The owners of Wool Warp and Wheel in Richmond, Illinois, taught Emily to spin on her father’s decoration wheel. As an early wedding present, her husband, Peter, purchased Emily a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel shortly after. She has been a spinning fool since then. Her need to try new fibers and their blends brought around the idea to start a shop selling the yarn she could never imagine to knit or crochet all at once. Emily also wanted to try her hand at dyeing different colors than seen in other shops. So, LMS Studio Arts and Lylian Mae Fiber Artistry were born. Lylian Mae Fiber Artistry would be and is the name of the shop selling handmade fiber arts supplies. However, having a single shop dedicated to one particular art form was a hard thought to grasp. Emily is not only a gifted crafter, but also an artist. She creates her own computer graphics, drawings, paintings, and loves to explore new genres of studio arts. LMS Studio Arts was created to be the corporate base for any creative output and/or endeavor Emily could develop in the future without being tied down to one form or medium. Some may call this a cohesive vision. Currently all art items regardless of which form are for sale at her LMS Studio Arts store, http://www.lmsstudioarts.com.
Looking forward, her handspun coiled art yarn is to be published in the accessories book of Cooperative Press’s Fresh Designs series. In addition, Emily hopes to unveil a new mixed media piece sometime in 2012. 
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