Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today we walked 3.9 miles to raise funds for the Lakeland Animal Shelter. My step-mom, Debbie, came up with the ideas and a lot of our family and friends rounded together to help her. The event was a huge success. It was truly an awesome day. We had the best weather for it, too.

We all met up at Hogs and Kisses around noon. There we received our t-shirt, candy bar, dog snacks, potty bags and water. Then it was time to hop on the bus.

It took us to Big Foot Park and Beach. There began one of two walks. The first took you through the park and up along the lakeshore path, which was 3.9 miles. The second took you through the park and back to town via the sidewalk, 4.2 miles. The lakeshore path was a challenge, but the view was goregous!

Look how clear this lake water is. Isn't that gorgeous?

Now this mansion and I have history together. This is the Stone Manor in Lake Geneva. Before it was cut up to be condos my father had a French friend. He owned one of the floors on the manor. For one 4th of July party we were invited for the evening. He gave my sister and I an album of French children's songs. It was very cool. When the fireworks came we all took the elevator to the very top of the building. One of Dad's friends held me leaning over the edge of the roof over the courtyard. I was and am afraid of heights so that didn't go well. However, the I got a good view of the courtyard that night. It was nice to see the manor again and this time from a safer point of view. ;)

Now the owners of this house are simply amazing. They had the neatest thing for those working the path. You'll soon be seeing pictures of the awesome fence. The one thing I didn't get pictures of is the bell. On the fence was written, "Ring for a Miracle." One of the ladies on the walk did. Her necklace broke and Peter was observant enough to see it had fallen. She was forever grateful for it. Little miracles are the greatest of things people take for granted.

Last, but not least is a picture of the city from a distance. What album would be complete without it? Probably not mine.

After we finished our walk back to Hogs and Kisses it was time for the Burger Bonanza! For $10 you would receive a burger basket and soda. What's even better about that, you could choose what type of burger or chicken you wanted from the regular menu. A total of 70% of your purchase went to the Lakeland Animal Shelter. You could also donate money and/or adopt a pet.

Believe you me when I say, these guys really need help with adoptions. Their cats center is overloaded. They really need a new addition to house them all. The dogs are becoming that way, too. It was a pleasure to help them again. Often as kids my sisters and I would go out to help them walk the dogs and play with the cats. It was always fun.

They always need help. If you're in the area adopt or have some extra bucks and no idea what to do with it then why not donate?

A lot of people are hoping to participate next year. Hopefully Debbie will have more support arms next year and we can make it happen.

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