Monday, April 12, 2010

Shop Update

It's been a busy weekend. I'm so glad things are starting to slow down. On the bright side it gave the roving plenty of time to dry. :)
This evening I was able to update the shop with roving. Tomorrow will be the scrap inclusions. ^_^

Just look at it! ::sigh:: Abandonment is my favorite colorway! It looks so rich!

This time I tried a different way of braiding the roving. It's a chain all the way down the bit of roving. It works really well and is easier to pull apart than regular braiding. :)
Today the shop has been brought to facebook. You can become a fan by visiting and clicking the become a fan button.

Right now, I've got some SW Cheviot on my wheel. It's flowing swimmingly. My hand carders came in the mail. So it's been practice time with several fibers. The hand carding technique is coming along well. By the fold, not so much. However, the inchworm technique with my right hand is better than the left with the fold. There is still a lot of play that has to be worked out. Rob will help me out with that.

Tomorrow we're doing laundry. It's also the second of four advanced spinning classes. Hopefully there will be more time to mess with the techniques. For now it is bedtime.

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