Sunday, June 27, 2010

All around exercise

This week my body has gotten some exercise, but not my brain. There is a mental block going on in my head about running. There always has been. Running and physical exertion has always been an "I do it or else" thing. Never has it a been an "I want to do it" thing. What's the point of getting hot bothered and out of breath? What stimulation does it offer me? What incentive is there? There isn't anything that keeps me from being bored. I look at the timer constantly while in a jog and think, "is it time to stop yet? Damn that clock needs to hurry up."

This is a problem because I am trying my hardest to loose a lot of weight. When I reached 191.6 lbs. it was time for me to get help via Weight Watchers. For some that isn't a whole lot, but for a 5'4" ape descendant at age 28, it is for me. It was the heaviest I had ever been. Now, I'm down at 171.2 lbs.

Not working out and keeping my points in check can only take me so far, especially when a doughnut or ice cream catches my eye. I had a hurdle while the Stanley Cup Playoffs were underway. The victory shots weren't helping.

So now I have to get over that brain hurdle. How to do it? How do I get a good feeling out of working out? When I get so upset and angry and want to punch something, I've turned on the Wii Cardio Kickboxing. The anger is then short lived until it's stirred up again. Do I want to use rage and anger as a fuel to keep going? No. So what next? What about great feelings in my happy place? That seemed to work for a while and then my brain turned on. I started thinking again of all these other silly things. Still fighting the urge to stop running. What else can I do? The feeling of being in a happy place was enough to keep me going until my brain interferred.

Maybe, my brain needed exercise. At lunch the other day two gentlemen in MENSA were there asking thought provoking questions. Ah yes, there was the place to start. I took their workout quiz. Excellent! My brain's wheels were turning. Then today I decided to check some internet websites. This is where I found my brain's little home planet, so to speak, Lumosity. The games are fun and my brain has cramps when I'm doing the puzzles and a little tingling later.

Tomorrow after the day job will be the real test as to whether or not this little experiment worked to demolish my phsyical activity boredom. :) Will keep you posted.


Zemphira ~ Scatter Art. said...

Well - I do hope you got whatever exercise you needed. I am married to an avid runner who is injured right now - I know he is going crazy - but I am too!!

lylian.mae said...

I hope your hubby heals up quickly.

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