Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sorry about the lack of content as of late. The Stanley Cup Finals are on and we are hosting parties left and right. Wednesday we're having another group of friends over to watch the game. Let's go, Hawks! If they win it will be their first championship in 49 years. If they don't then it will be their first championship in 70 years. The core team has a long term contract, and that is what is needed to win multiple championships. The parties are fun. The first one we met for Game 3 at Buffalo Wild wings and then Wings Etc, but ended up coming home to have pizza. Every place was packed. Game 4 we went an hour early to Buffalo Wild Wings and got a table. It was fantastic to be out with everyone even though we lost. Then Game 5 we just made it easy and met at our house with a huge collection of food. Chili cheese dogs anyone? We're modifying it all for Game 6 on Wednesday. Instead of chili dogs we're going to make chili cheese fries and/or nachos. We can have someone bring a vegetable tray. Either way we're having loads of fun.

Besides these parties every other day (or so it would seem) I've been either knitting or spinning like a crazy lady. My number one goal is to spin most of my stash. It is growing with every fiber club installment. Also, a lot of etsy shop owners are making donations from their sales to save the wildlife destroyed by the BP oil spill. Not purchasing something from them feels like a crime. We have a custom order in with Cloudlover and a Double Dose of theurchiness's fiber club to help them out. Either way it's an ass ton of fiber. 

If you didn't know, I am the lead of my local religious group. (www.ravenwoodgrove.com) We often give donations to organizations as part of our duty to community. When the earthquake in Haiti happened we donated $100 to the Haitian Health Foundation. I can expect us to be making donations to those cleaning up the oil spill as well. In a perfect world, I would like to take a week or weekend off from my job to spend cleaning up the animals or anything helpful to the cause. When they really need it, I want to go. Thankfully, I have a man who supports this. If he didn't have parental obligations he'd be right there with me. For now, we'll see how it goes and pray that BP get's their sh*t together! Sometime in the next day or so would be helpful. 

As far as the shop goes, I've set some goals and hope to reach them by the end of next quarter, which is the Autumnal Equinox. (Gotta love how the shop runs by the cycles of the sun. :D) On the 16th I will be updating the shop with all sorts of new handspun yarn. Most of them have been spun from back stock of my colorways. Expect to see some Magrathean, Boudica and Farmer Joe. Dyed roving is on a stand still until I reach my sales goals for it. I will have some new spinner's mates coming soon as well. There is a bit of market research to do first. Mainly getting measurements and determining the average sizes of laps for them. Or I could just be boring as hell and take custom requests for them. 

Have a good week. Go Hawks, go!!!! 

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