Saturday, August 28, 2010


yet an exhausting day. Since our craft show was canceled I took Peter and Stephanie up to my sister's house for a Kids Day Out. Their township puts on this stranger and kidnapping awareness day every year. This year they live just a stone throw away from the event. So, we went. The kids were weighed, measured, dna swabbed and finger printed. That was their work for a bag of fun and balloon. Once they were tagged with a bracelet we made foam art, sand art, had faces painted, arms tattooed, frogs thrown, clowns hit, and other fun games were played. It was a fantastic day. Isabella did pretty well with it all, too. Unfortunately, poor Stephanie nearly passed out from the heat while waiting in line for our food and drinks. They didn't have a separate booth just for water, etc. Hopefully they consider that for next year's event.

Even more fantastic the last bit of my next giveaway has arrived!! Woohoo! I hope to have pictures taken and a post up by tomorrow.

There is a large load of yarn drying. I cannot wait to list it. :) The Merino Mohair and Cashmere blend roving was received as a bonus when I bought my Ashford Traditional. I spun enough for the Forest Canopy Cowl and some samples of the singles. It has a natural grey to almost charcoal grey coloring to it. It will be part of an undyed yarn sampler. There is plenty of the roving for many more hanks to be made as well. In addition, I spun up some bamboo singles and a Merino Seacell blend for the shop. Keep a weathered eye on the shop horizon.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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