Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy weekend

This weekend was full of fun and excitement. Thursday my grandmother, grandfather and uncle came into town from Michigan. We (Peter and I) went over there to laundry on Friday. That probably would have happened regardless of whether they were there or not. While the laundry was in cycle it was time for me to do my spinning. One 40g batt was eaten by my wheel that day. Izzy was there for about an hour watching me. It would have been longer, but she had to go to school. I really cannot believe she will be four in about 2 more months. How scary time flies when you're older, huh? On Ravelry, I won a lotto for some neat new wool. Today is shipping day for the spoils I divided upon the lotto swap forum.

My other uncle came down on Saturday. We were celebrating his 50th birthday a month early. Why? Well, ask the gruesome twosome of Sheryl & Carol, not me. Either way it was a good day. My sister made a cake to look like his favorite food, ham! Uncle Glen brought his girlfriend. She is awesome! She fit in so well with our little sarcasm and joking just fine. Hell, she did not skip a beat. Even better, she loves the crafty goodness of crochet and knitting. Hehehe. As long as she makes my uncle happier that's all that matters for me. On the down side I left my phone at mom's house. I feel so naked without it! I thought it was in my bag, but somehow it jumped out and on the floor under someone's stuff. Oh well, that just means I have to go and get it.

Sunday was rather odd. Peter was kicked from World of Warcraft. Oh, what a pitty. ::insert super sarcasm:: Apparently our bank's network was failing to authenticate our debit card. I even tried at work and the same message was sent to the terminal. Thankfully there's a branch at work, and they were open! Apparently someone has created a skimmer at some of the Golden Eagle ATM machines. US Bank immediately voided all debit cards that came in contact with a Golden Eagle ATM in the last month or so. When we went to the fair, we used that bank's ATM. US Bank caught it before any damage was done to our account. For that, I am truly greatful! Sunday was also National Talk Like a Pirate Day! Hooray! This year I knew about it before the day was over. Ravelry was so piratey, and it was fantastically hillarious. Only a couple people observed it on Twitter. That was holy depressing, too. ::sigh::

That be what's happenin' on me ship.
Happy stitches!

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