Friday, October 15, 2010

Change of view

Yar, I be starting it.
This week comes a need for a wallpaper change on the laptop.
Here is my change:

From this,
to this.
Look at that fat-ass squirrel! Do you see the buldge in his eyes? This must be an NIU squirrel. The faculty feed those guys so much they are fatter than ever!

Q: So, where do you find these images? 
A: I found them at the So, what have you changed your wallpaper to? 

Q: Why are you posting this?
A: Why not? There is a great cache of images on my laptop and online that need some viewing. Most of them are awe inspiring or simply goofy, though. 

Q: Do you favour one picture over others? 
A: Only when wolves are involved. It was a big switch over to the fatty you see above. 

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