Friday, March 25, 2011

Natural Product Spotlight

My step-mother, Debbie, has got me into a new product line.
Everything is available word of mouth.
They do not advertise on tv, in publications, or anything else.
It's an all natural product that has been 'green' for many years before it was considered popular.

Best part is, I love it! (Keep reading for my reviews of products I've tried.)
The company is called Melaleuca.
All products are shipped directly through you.
Right now, March only, they are offering preferred membership for $1.
I paid $29.99 for membership.
You can earn residual income every month from those you get started with Melaleuca.
I get $2 and some change every month of residual income.
Debbie is trying to do this full time and within two months she is almost to Director III.

If you're interested in Melaleuca and want to get an idea about it, please, email Debbie.
Web presentations are available.


 This dental floss is amazing. It is the first floss that I have ever liked. 
I've tried flossing regularly, but the floss on the market never fit between my teeth with the same ease as this product. It also has the Melaleuca Oil on it to help keep your gums clean. It works like a dream. I now floss my teeth every day. 

Many of your don't know, but I am 29 and still have the acne of a teenager. Some of it is caused by my food intolerance of soy. However, I've had this product for only 4 days and it has made a dramatic difference in my skin. The huge bumps are minimized quickly by using it twice a day. The results are fantastic. The usual tea tree oil found at the store is a crappy grade not meant to be directly applied to the skin, but Melaleuca Oil is. It doesn't dry out my skin like the stuff available in stores. 

Working at a grocery store and having to constantly open those plastic bags pulls out a lot of moisture from my hands and fingers. This Renew lotion is fantastic and keeps my hands hydrated longer than Eucerin without the thick nasty and slimy feeling of Eucerin. I particularly like it for my elbows and ankles. It's a breath of fresh air from Eucerin. Even customers say that my hands smell great regardless of all the smelly food I handle in a day. I love this product! 

My fiance, Peter, has an immune disorder that eats his bones and joints causing severe arthritis. Replenex is helping his body rebuild his bones and joints. When he is in pain, he takes Replenex versus another acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Both acetaminophen and ibuprofen are terrible for your liver and kidneys. This is an all natural supplement that helps the problem rather than just making the pain go away.

That's just a short list of the products I have received in the past 3 months of being a preferred member with Melaleuca. It's worth checking out. 
For more information about becoming a preferred member, please, email Debbie @ 
faroaks at elknet dot com.

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