Thursday, March 10, 2011


I recently took up the offer of a free month of Netflix.
We're actually going to take it up for good.
I'm tired of paying $70+ for television. 
We're going to pay $20+ some fees & taxes to pay for 3 dvds out at a time. 
What's nice is our ability to change that down if needed. 
After the last episode of V we'll be canceling the cable.
Our internet will remain the same. It's $40. Ugh!

Right now we're watching some 1973 Doctor Who instantly through the Wii.
I <3 my Wii. That sounds bad doesn't it. 
Either way, OMG! cheese. Save me from the cheese! 
These purple monsters are like someone boiled plastic. 

Speaking of Doctor Who, the new series starts on April 26th.
Thankfully Cast Tv broadcasts the new season for free on my laptop. 
That's how we watched it last year.
BBC America screwed up the scheduling of episodes,
& do not play the full episodes on reruns. BLAH!
They still haven't gotten Sherlock over here yet. 

Today I will be doing an update at the Artfire site. 
There will be more of the TARDIS colorway & one new colorway. 
It will not be a very large update, but it's okay.

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