Monday, April 11, 2011


Why haven't I been posting?

This busy busy bumble bee is hard at work with quite a few things going on.
First on the list is doctor visiting.
My Fridays are being eaten away very quickly with doctor's visits.
Second, taxes are due and well I'm not quite done yet.
Planning a wedding in less than two months is reason number 3.
Last but not least, the little creature growing inside of me hasn't always been the nicest.
Nausea still continues, but it hasn't been as bad as of late.

Also, I'm going to be planning a dye day for my hungry drum carder. :D Yay for batts.

Hopefully after my OBGYN appointment Friday, there will be more news to give.
It will probably be a few more weeks until we find out what this little bugger is.
It could be a boy, girl, sea monkey, mutant, or even a mutant sea monkey.

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