Monday, May 9, 2011

What's going on?

Here's a small recap of the past couple of weeks: 

I'm feeling a lot better about my life, and where I am emotionally. 
It's a wonderful feeling.

I'm finally finished with the Pea Coat Debbie, my step-mom, commissioned.
That was a strange pattern, but it's done! 
Now, the tam on the other hand has just started. 
It shouldn't take more than a day or two to finish. 
Expect pictures in another day or two. 
Our local weather should be good enough to take pictures outside. 
The yarn for my sister's socks came. 
Yes, I still buy yarn from time to time. 
Spinning sock yarn is a bit difficult, yet. 
Practice makes perfect. 
On the wheel is some Decay in Merino by Cloudlover
One of the ladies that works for Weight Watchers in Algonquin, IL, knits.
So, we are doing a knit-a-long together
I might make this a Ravelry thing, too.

Also, once my portfolio and grammar are up to par, I am going to start looking for work at home moms. 
I may not be a mom by blood, but taking care of my step-daughter is a full-time job. 
I would like to keep doing the fiber thing, and take care of my household. 
My conditioning has taken me away from what would really make me happy, to be a stay at home mom. 
Once I am pregnant again, and to a certain point in pregnancy I no longer wish to work outside the home. 
There is a joy in a clean house, dinner on the table, and a loving family. 
It is a joy like no other, and I am at peace. 
Never have I been at peace than being at home with my family and projects. 

Another rather drastic decision was made by both parties.
We claim to be pagan/Druid, but we still celebrate the Christian holidays.
This is mainly because of family ties, but no more.
This phase of our lives is over! 
We will continue to celebrate it in other people's homes out of respect, but not in ours. 
There is a time when you realize you're not living life in the manner you have chosen, and this is it. 
More than likely I will be destashing our non-sentimental Christmas decorations
The next big holiday we are celebrating is the Summer Solstice. 
I am recommending our next Grove ritual be held at our home as well. 
It will help us get over a hump that is preventing us from holding our own rites at home.

I do hope to update the shop very soon.
There is still some carding do be done. 
Also, I have to make another run to the local shop for some colored wool. 
Until I can get a dye day in, this is how things have to be. 
Sad, but so true. 
The wedding planning, Grove planning, and work don't leave me with a lot of time to just dye a lot of things. 
Peter and I have both been drained. 
It could be the weather affecting us, as well. 
Thankfully the weather has been kind to us over the past few days. 
I managed to clean up the garage because of it!
Now, to take the clothes, old toys, and other things to charity. 

So much done, and yet so much more to do. 
Isn't that always the way the cookie crumbles? 
Until next time, have a great week!

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