Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Postively Absolutely

Life is changing.
This is constant in the physics of our time on Earth.
You can embrace it or challenge it.
I choose to embrace it and receive its abundance.

The Beauty of Life Through Fiber Arts is changing as well.
We're going in a more positive and diverse direction.
This blog will keep to the fibery fun, but also dither into some other areas of normal day life, like recipes, etc.

Those responsible for this change, I am forever grateful.
The three biggest contributors are my mom (Sheryl), my step-mom (Debbie), and friend (Carissa).
Without their invites and wisdom this would not have happened. 

Debbie brought me to using all natural household cleaners and toiletry products through Melaleuca.
Melaleuca is basically an all natural version of Amway with lower prices.
She invited me to one of the farmers market at Northwind Perennial Farm.
It was an event waiting to happen.
The people there are just amazing!

Carissa is an organic farmer at the Woodstock Farmers Market, NFP, and a F.I.X. Co-op member.
She invited me to a spin with her one Saturday morning.
I've been going to the market ever since.
I love hearing about the antics of her children, garden, and animals.
Her oldest, Samantha, is a freshmen at Williams College.
Way to go Sam!

Going to these markets opened me up to new foods I love!
It also opened my eyes to the organic market.


When my step-daughter came back from her mother's house for 2 weeks I really made a change.
Stephanie gained three inches and twenty pounds in little as two months time!
I understand that height equals some weight gain, but not that much and not that quickly.
I started asking question about her diet.
My jaw dropped with all the canned food, TV dinners, junk food, sugar, and fast food jammed into her system over two months.
All of this brought me to the documentary called Food Matter.
I wanted to show her what happens when you do and do not eat a healthy diet.
This documentary changed my attitude towards the food we still ate.
I started adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to our own grocery cart.

Peter made the comment about wanting to watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.
So we did.
The two men completely cured their auto-immune disorders without drugs by flushing the toxins from their bodies.
They continue to live healthy lifestyles as well.
It's proof that a person can change their life through food.
You are what you eat.

Since watching these documentaries we are committed to changing our lifestyle for our health and the health of our future generations.
All of this change came about by visiting a farmers market or two, and being inspired by people at these markets.
If a healthy lifestyle is an addictive drug, then going to a farmers market is the gateway drug.


Of the people I met through these events one stands out in particular, and her name is Angela.
I am extremely grateful for Angela and her positive vibes.
It feels so amazing when you attract people you want in your life.
For many years I have needed a positive, self-motivated, and happy person in my life on a regular basis.
Angela is the one who encouraged me to read The Secret.
It was how I was beginning to live since the wedding.
When all your plans and ideas are thrown to the wind in a last minute haze, what can you do?
I stood with my arms open waiting to receive a great wedding.
I was more concerned with making due with what we had, and how wasn't an issue.
Mom kept telling me it will happen, and to just believe it will be fine.
"What happens, happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't. Everything will be fine."
That was the mantra of the day for the wedding.
Everything was perfect.
Debbie even came down.
I was so very happy.
I'm very grateful for my mother's wisdom.
From that day on I started living like this, but didn't know what to call it, nor did I know all the pieces to the puzzle.
Then quite recently I started telling Angela about this event.
She encouraged me to read The Secret.
It would help me out by leaps and bounds.
So, I read through half of the book, and watched the video on Netflix.
It was just what I needed.
It's just what everyone needs.

My friends, Sean and Erin, are also very positive and happy people.
They have shown me what it means to be in a happy and loving relationship, as well as a family.
I am forever grateful to have them in my life no matter the distances they travel.

Together all of these people have shown me a way to live my life.
All this change is positive and a great relief.
Fighting is no life to live.


More of my posts will include some documentary reviews, recipes, product spotlights, featured sellers, more collections/treasuries, and tutorials.
You can fully expect some more giveaways as well.
For those of you with blogs or shops of your own I am starting to offer advertisement space as this blog's audience begins to grow.
I have not fully decided how to work out the pricing aspect of it, but I will get back to you all soon.


Thank you, to all my readers and friends!
Ask. Believe. Receive.

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