Thursday, October 6, 2011

Someday A.D.

I'm gearing up for the Autumn Drive.
That means three days of dyeing on a gorgeous weekend. 
Will I ever see the light of day from my kitchen? 
Of course! 
Saturday, I have plans to meet up with Carissa of Bumblebee Acres at the Woodstock Farmers Market. 
I hope to accomplish some spinning and much needed down time. 
Then it's back to the dye pots.


Thus far the day has brought some nifty little colorways. 
I mixed all the dyes for my Hallucinogenic Lipstick! 
Doctor Who fans will love this colorway. 
Everyone loves a woman described as "hell in heels"! 
The remake of Morgaine, Lady of the Lake, did not go so well. 
The blue was not nearly pale enough for woad, and the red is deeper.
The red actually looks like blood as intended, yay!
I'll still mark it as this colorway, but issue a disclaimer to anyone who bought it previously.
Isla Tropicana, is a new colorway that turned out fantastic and amazing! 
Has anyone ever seen the Glade Relaxing Moments Island Escape cans? 
That is where I got the inspiration. 
However, it doesn't quite look exactly like it. 
There are two more colorways to come tomorrow.  (That's 2.5 pounds)
Then I'll be dyeing up close to three pounds of loose fleece and small bits of roving. 
These will be for carding or for sale by the ounce. 


Things I love about this business: 
  1. creating something new
  2. exploring and experimenting
  3. sharing
  4. creating something from a creation (spinning and knitting)
This business makes me feel alive because it is full of passion for creation!
Through this I feel like a deity and creator of my own destiny. 
It makes me who I am! 
I love myself, and therefore I love God! 


Have a happy weekend!
Ask. Believe. Receive.

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