Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Late Night Tv Rambling

On Wednesdays we watch The X Factor. 
It's something that I have come to love, which is surprising. 
I cannot stand American Idol. 
It's just not a show to do after the first season. 
The more impressive thing I find with The X Factor is the coaching aspect. 
What I like even more is the group, over 50, and over 12 groupings. 


Candidate/contestant & judge gripes: 
Astro can only do one genre. 
He does it well, but I really think that is not enough to win. 

The back up singers really do a disservice to Lakoda Rain's performances. 
If they could do something acapella that'd really do something fantastic for them.

Above all, Paula needs to stop crying. 
My father keeps telling Simon, "Get this woman some uppers!"

I feel bad for Simon. 
Regardless of whether the comment is good or not the crowd has to boo the words, "I have to be honest" when they exit Simon's mouth.
That is all American Idol's producer's fault. 
Simon will give credit where credit is due. 

L.A. Reid really needs to lay off Drew and Simon.


I really love Rachel Crow. 
She is so young and does an excellent job!
The other person I really like is the older gentlement, LeRoy Bell.

With all that being said, I bid you all goodnight! 
Ask. Believe. Receive

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