Saturday, January 28, 2012

Batt Preview

Hello and welcome. Let us get on with the show, shall we! ;)

- Electric Lovin' -
3.5 ounces
Falkland/Corriedale Cross, Merino, Alspaca, Rambouillet Locks, Coopworth/Corriedale, Wensleydale Lamb Locks, Cormo Locks, Silk Cap

- Electric Slide -
3.3 ounces
 Superwash Merino, Corriedale, Merino, Cheviot/Silk, Cormo Locks, Silk, BFL Locks

- Kiss-a-gram -
4 ounces
Corriedale, Merino/Tencel, Oatmeal BFL, Sari Silk, Lamb Locks, Alpaca, BFL Locks, Lincoln Locks, Glitz

- Farmer Joe Takes A Wife -
3.3 ounces
Falkland/Corriedale, Corriedale/Coopworth, Silk, Shetland, Cotton

- Asparagus -
2 ounces
Coopworth/Corriedale, Merino/Tencel, Mohair Locks, Silk, Bamboo;

- Rosey -
1.6 ounces
Merino/Tencel, Bamboo, Rambouillet Locks, Glitz

- Ooky Spooky -
2.3 ounces
Coopworth/Corriedale, Silk

- Making Waves -
3.9 ounces
Falkland/Corriedale Cross, Corriedale Cross, Inego, Bamboo, Sparkle, Silk Noil, Silk, Glitz, BFL Locks, Merino, Merino Locks

- Madame -
3.5 ounces
Coopworth/Corriedale, Corriedale Cross, Superwash BFL, Shetland, Glitz

- Ooky Spooky -
2.4 ounces
Coopworth/Corriedale, Silk

So, there we have it everyone!

ETA: The two smaller ones will be corespinning kits. Let me know if you do not want the cotton crochet thread. :) 
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