Friday, January 20, 2012

Shop Update & more

Hello everyone! I updated the shop this afternoon while the snow has piled down on our home.

Our little boy, Bailey Cat, has found the inside is a good place to be. He still doesn't like the fireplace nor the television, but he's getting used to it. I put on Animal Planet one day, which he watched with much amazement. Before I take him to the vet for neutering I need to ask the neighbor's permission as Bailey is his barn kitty. Then he can be potty trained and allowed in the house overnight. Yay! 

Here he is hanging out while I did the update.

I am trying to retag everything with the LMS Studio Arts information. However, the Avery tags and my printer are not! getting along. :( So, I will have to write on everyone individually. It's going to be time consuming, but they will be 100% unique. 

May everyone have a fantastic weekend! 

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