Friday, April 20, 2012

Bag vs. Bag

Through someone's fault, which doesn't need to be determined, bagged frozen chicken ended up buried in my locks stash. We found it a week or so later. Thankfully my stash was preserved in plastic. About 45 minutes, coffee sniffing, stash sniffing, and some gagging  later, half of the stash was saved. It was usually the stuff packaged in cellophane bags. The zip locks let all of the stank in! About 1/4 of the stash that couldn't be saved I am trying to save by washing the locks. So, we'll see.

However, bag versus bag, I prefer to the cellophane bags. When I get the $ to purchase cellophane bags the zip locks are going far far away! Then if one may suffer a similar fate of chicken in the wool, then their stuff may be better protected to ward off stinky smells.

I hope knowing this helps you package your woolies better than I.

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