Friday, June 1, 2012

Ohio Road Trip: New Philadelphia, OH – Part IV

We made it! We are all checked in and relaxing, but not before some antique browsing at the mall behind the hotel. At the Riverfront Antique Mall we found a lot of different things, including old time fiber arts!
The fiber arts: 
Some needlepoint
Yarn winder and walking wheel
A lovely tapestry
Peter found an antique boat shuttle.
Desktop Dye Container $300 FIRM (WANT!!)
The inside chart of the table top dye container.
Llama Lovin'
A mini swift
Another shuttle
Old sewing table

The Fez collection!:

 Oh, the geekery:
Collection of mint condition Star Wars action figures
More mint condition action figures.
 Some odds and ends you don't see everyday:
All of these M&M pictures are for Gimpy Kozel!

Here is what Ron of Tea with Wheatley needs! 

This would be awesome for our nephew, Jonathan.
"Give me gum gum, dum dum."
WWII Artillery anyone?

Bombs Away!
Some Springer paintings for Dad and Deb

A bank that Peter's brother used to have
It took a long time to go through every booth. There was a ton of colored glass and china. About one third of the building was full sets of dishes. Don't forget the tea pot collections. It's amazing how many people could have the same items. The unique stuff like the artillery is amazing, but that table top dye box from Diamond Dyes is my favorite! I really would like to have that. We don't have $300. So, unless some anonymous generous benefactor would like to purchase this within the next 12 hours for us to pick it up, I won't be picking it up.

We did score some books. Peter got some history books that are no longer in print.

I picked up three books on the Hebrew language and writing. My hope is to translate the postcards my great great grandfather wrote to his family. That side of the family were Russian Orthodox Jews. It died out with my grandfather's generation. We don't know whether they were true Jewish bloodlines or not, however, we would love to know.

Speaking of genealogy, I found this book:

Now, I may have an easier time locating records of my father's side of the family.

When we got back to the room we began watching stupid cartoons like The Regular Show. I really like that stupid cartoon.

Overall we had a good ride in, and some good times along the way. For now it is time for dinner at Denny's. Enjoy your Friday night!


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