Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Advanced Spinning (part I)

Last night was the first of four classes. There is going to be a lot to take away from these classes.
We learned how to spin from the fold and from the card. We also learned when those techniques are best used. Unfortunately I forgot the sheet with all the information typed up on the bed of the drum carder under the hand carders. It was out of sight out of mind with so many things going on. 

Off the fold is a technique I find rather tedious. I've got to figure out my own adaptation. Off the card is extremely hard. I like intuitive things and that technique is not intuitive at all. Now I'm looking for some used hand carders. Practice, practice, practice is what I always say. You can never get enough. 

While there I found out a lot of people are working on the TKGA Master Knitters program. This is very intriguing. It's something worth looking into. The initial investment is $30 to join TKGA and the first level of the program is $95. We'll see how this unfolds. Maybe during the winter.

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