Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advanced Spinning (part4)

This last class was the conclusion. We attempted to spin yak. OMG! Talk about hard work. The biggest upset is trying to set up the wheel. For some reason it became very easy for me. The next bit was figuring out the staple length and how much to draw out. Of course it has to be all short draw as well. My hands do not handle the short draw well. It is sad, but true at age 28 I may have some slight bit of arthritis. :( That'll never keep me from continuing.

Due to that, well I was selected one of the more difficult yarns in our spinning test. The Harrisville Bulky is actually 4 ply! It doesn't look that way. Really it doesn't. Argh. Well at least I know what a 4 ply looks like now. I was about to pick it up and throw it across the room. I am smarter than a piece of roving, wheel and technique. Therefore, I had some temper problems.
I wasted too much roving trying to figure out how to make a bulky single. That is until Rob told me to disect it. Yeah, 4 ply long draw.

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