Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Items

Here is something new for the shop:

They are Reiki distance healing dolls. I go the idea while going through the training for Reiki. This pattern is adapted from Sherri Chrochets. One of these has sage leaves stuffed into it and the other is unscented. What other scents should I provide? There is a local herb shop on the way to my day job so there won't be special trips involved. Also, there is a huge stash of herbs under my bed. I'll be conducting a poll this month for them.

Another category I've created is scrap inclusion sets. I got this idea from ArtemisArtemis, a New Zealand shop, and a COLORbomb Creations video.

Here is my favorite listing so far:

here comes the bride

I sure hope you enjoy the shop updates. This really is not work for me and I love it very much!

1 comment:

lylian.mae said...

Maybe a Eucalyptus Mint combo. :) Hmm...ponder ponder. Noodle noodle.

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