Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sneaky Little Me

I just couldn't wait until Thursday to update my shop. All this wool is just itching to get out. lol That pun was very very intended. At least it's some pretty wool itching at me. There will be more updated on the expected days. Hopefully I will get a lot of dyeing done on Thursday and Friday with another small shop update on Easter Sunday and Monday evenings.

Hopefully tomorrow my Bee Bars from Honey House will be arriving in the mail. These are great for keeping your hands moisturized without destroying your handspun with gook from lotion. If I can work out a deal with Honey House, these might get put up in the shop. Stand by for giveaways featuring this wonderful product!

Something else arrived at the house yesterday. These are Ecualan wool wash samplers. I am going to include these beauties in with orders from the show. Why not treat your wool right, right?

Keep a weathered eye for all the new things jumping their way into my shop.

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