Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Ashford Traditional

My newest wheel, which has yet to be named, is an Ashford Traditional.
  • single drive
  • single treadle
Today after spinning with it I decided to finish it with Tung Oil. Right now it's laying in pieces all oiled up. At 2 a.m. it will be dry and ready for some buffing. Hopefully I can get some buffing done in the morning while the kiddo is getting ready for school. My carpet prevents the humming noise I love so much. ::sigh:: That just means I need to pick up a vinyl mat from work and set the wheel on that.

Here is a picture of it all taken apart and greased up.
 I made sure to finish the jumbo flyer kit, bobbins and lazy kate to create a more congruent look and feel to the entire grouping. May as well you know. I've got to figure out whether waxing it will damage the tung oil. If anyone knows, please comment.

Here is to another exciting evening.

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