Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day Out

Yesterday was a fun filled day. It was date night, which became date day. We met up with caitlinchris and T @ Cherry Vale Mall in Rockford for lunch. C is testing my Spinner's Mates for me. Hopefully I'll be able to make her one that fits her better and give it to her for her birthday, which is this weekend. Happy Birthday, C! Peter and I arrived about a hour early. Let's just say I'm directionally challenged most times so we leave early. We found some awesome pens at Spencer's. They are sheep, which baah and light up when you press down. Totally awesome. We also got an early birthday gift for my neighbor's son. It's a onesie that says, "Dude, your girlfriend keeps checking me out." Something that is absolutely awesome - Sbarro's spinach and mozzarella Stromboli. It was love at first sight after being scared and nearly stabbed with a tooth pick by the Kobe Japanese Food lady. Ugh! If you ever go there BEWARE!! If you get tooth pick shanked don't say I didn't warn ya. We had a good time there. :) I got lost in hockey talk mainly because I didn't get heavily into hockey as a kid. At that time it was Sailor Moon and any other anime I could get my hands on. Remember, that was just as anime started becoming cool.

On the way home we made a pit stop at the Pleasant Valley Conservation site. It was a last minute stop so we didn't do a whole lot of walking or hiking. However, we did see an unsuspecting Leopard Frog. He/she was having a great time collecting sun on the rocky trail to the amphitheatre. Luckily I got a shot of it with my camera. We saw an Oriel and a huge bumble bee buzzing around. It was a whole lot of fun. Afterwards, Peter and I came home to relax for an hour or so before dinner. Most of the time I was on the computer playing Word Challenge by playfish. That game is so darn addictive. Word games are my all time favorite.

For dinner we went to Kyoto's for sushi. It was absolutely awesome! We had edamame for an apetizer. Then we had a Crazy Boy roll, which is a california roll dipped in tempura batter and fried. The sauce they use on the Crazy Boy roll is what really makes it crazy. It's a bit tangy with a small touch of spice. For our main meal we had the Dragon, asparagus and sweet potato rolls. The Dragon roll is made up of tempura shrimp, cream cheese and cucumber that has been dipped in a crispied batter. It is divine. The asparagus and sweet potato rolls are a wonderful side. For dessert we had green tea mochi. It was rather amusing because I couldn't remember what it was called for the life of me. It started with an "M" and sounded like Moki, but it just wasn't right. While waiting for our sushi I looked at one table only to realize who was sitting there. It was one of my childhood neighbors, R.J. He used to help us chase our dog, Sparky, all around town. He had the magic touch with Sparky for some odd reason. We had lots of summer parties, too. It was loads of fun as kids.

We then went over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some jewelry making supplies and fabric. Ah fabric! I'll be able to make quite a few more Spinner's Mates this week. There are a lot of cool colors in the batch, nine pieces of 1 1/2 yards. I figured something soothing and cool would work best while you're spinning.

Next, it was game time! Oh yeah, the Blackhawks were playing the Sharks for game three of the Conference finals. We met up with our friend Dale and drove to Gus's Roadhouse, but there was no staying there. They had some sort of Kareoke final thing with Star 105.5 going on there. Plan B was activated, get some beer and watch the game at home. I made sure to buy victory shots. So glad I did because they won in OT! That was an awesome game. Of the three goals I called two out of three goal scorers. I forgot about Sharpie. :( What matters is our team won. Tomorrow is game four at the United Center. Thankfully I won't be working the day job.

When the game ended I hopped on the spinning wheel to work on the Magrathean 3.8 oz Merino braid for the shop. Then it dawned on me, I just got the Raven Wood Grove, ADF, logo credit card. That's the business card for me. Holy goodness, I could buy the Ashford Traditional and jumbo flyer tomorrow, now today! Duh! Oh yeah, that's awesome. I finished the braid and have to finish the plying, but it'll be quick.

This morning we had to do some running around before getting out to The Fold, but we did. I bought an unfinished single drive Ashford Traditional and Jumbo Flyer kit with extra bobbin. It included 4 bobbins, lazy kate and a large bag of wool for $560. How very cool is that!? Best of all the card I used is 0% for a year. On June 15th, my CD will come due and the card paid off. Because it's 0% for a year I will be transfering the balance from a different card and paying that off through the year. Isn't that crazy awesome? Heck yeah!

I put together the wheel at the shop. What an adventure. Not sure whether or not I'm going to stain it at all, but there are some oil marks already. So not liking that, but for now it's just how it will have to be. Maybe soon I'll get some tounge oil, take it apart and oil the whole thing. For now it just needs some breaking in time. ;)

That has been my excitement for the far. 

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