Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yes, I've been slacking on the blogging front. There aren't any images to show you, either. ::sigh:: So what am I blogging for? The past weekend has been rather slow, yet busy. 

First, I opened a bank account for L.M.S. Studio Arts, which includes my current shop. With that I applied for a business credit card with that bank. Right now we're just waiting for everything to come in the mail. 
Next, I finished spinning all the yarn needed for some personal projects. Late last night I started spinning a reserve braid of Magrathean in merino wool. That will be some of the handspun for a shop update later next week. There will be some Sleep Dep, Moonstone and Brass Petals for this week's update. 
Yesterday before heading home from the day job I spent some time in Jo-Ann Fabrics and spent $35 on fabric. What for, you might ask? Have you ever spun a great roving or batt to have most of it end up on your clothing? Do you have pets or small children that love your works in progress a little too much? Does anyone else have the mad hunt for your orifice hook, scissors or oil every time you want to start a project? I've got a handmade solution for you, it's a spinner's mate. This is a no tie apron with saddle bags. One end has up to 3 pockets to hold your scissors, orifice hooks, oil, lotion, tv remote or your phone. The other is a single large pocket to hold the fiber you're working with. It keeps it up and away from dust bunnies and pet hair. Each one is made of 100% cotton and hand stitched with my White sewing machine. The first one I made to my original specifications was way way too big. After sizing it down I have one at 11.5" x 31.25" (28 cm x 79.5 cm) and two 10.75" at x 28" (27 cm x 71 cm). I have enough fabric to make four more tomorrow. Hopefully they will be about the 11.5" x 31.25" size. Wednesday I will have those in the update as well. 
Also, the weather has been nice enough between rains to spend some time outside. We've been doing some outdoor things with family. 
I've been very busy and there are always more things being created and dreamed up. Oh the ideas I have waiting until Peter gets more jewelry making things. If he doesn't want to exploit this idea, I will. Muahahaha...wait, that's not supposed to be an evil laughter. Oh well...muahahahaha! 

Things to expect : 
* more handspun yarn listings
* Spinner's Mates listings
* Custom Order Reiki Distance Healing Doll listings
* pictures!

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