Monday, May 10, 2010

Another busy day

Today was just one of those days that had you hopping from one thing to the next and no breath in between. Before I even got moving around we received quite a few phone calls before 9 a.m. The first, being Peter's work calling about working certain dates and overtime. Then my mother-in-law calls because she is so overly stressed out about what is going on in her home and her boundaries not being respected under her roof. Mom was in the hospital previously with a brain hemorrhage and any sight of a spike in blood pressure could send her back into the emergency room. I took off for the day job and asked to get out as early as possible. They needed me to stay until I couldn't anymore. We arranged to get me out in time to pick up his daughter from the bus stop. That way he could stay up with his mom. Well he did and decided to help her out by mowing the lawn. I was in the middle of helping a lady with a coupon when my partner at the self-scan machine tells me it's Peter on the line and is hysterical. Apparently there was an accident with the mower and they were headed to the hospital. Keep in mind he is crying, in pain and not making a lick of sense. Mom drove him to the nearest hospital. Trying not to freak out at work ::didn't happen:: I passed the torch to Natalie and then immediately left. 
He was howling like mad when I showed up. Of course, he was in pain. Once I got his phone there was much coordination via his phone. Had to call my mom to pick up Steph from the bus stop and keep her away from the situation. Then had to call the school and have them let her know she would be picked up by Grandma Peanut. Then to call Sam and let her know we didn't get her stuff put away and brought to our house because of the situation. My mom kept calling back and forth. After the x-rays were taken they shot him up with Novocaine and gave him a narcotic. We had to wait for everything to kick in before cleaning him up and stitching him. Turns out he fractured his first two fingers and cut into his index finger. The tip of the index finger has some bone loss. Not good at all, however he did come away from the incident with minimal damage for a lawn mowing injury. 
After that I met up with my mom and niece to pick up Steph. The girls played a little while Mom and I talked. Shortly before Peter arrived Mom left. Stephanie and I got in a little snit because she didn't follow directions as to what she was supposed to be doing, cleaning her room, listening in school and wearing the clothes set out for her. So there was a bit of talking back, you know the usual thing kids do. Eventually I told her what happened to her dad and explained that her dad doesn't want to hear about her talking back. We wouldn't tell her dad about the talking back part if she got majority of the picking up before he got home. It was a good deal. Then we sat for a few minutes while waiting for the prescription to be filled, ran out, got it, got stuff for dinner and well here I am. 
It has been so busy. 
Good news!!! Everyone is doing okay thus far! Yay! More good news!!! Drop spindles came in today, too. When Peter heals up a bit he can do a couple decorations. He's excited. 
They are 1.8 oz top whorl drop spindles. They aren't meant to handle a lot of fiber, but it's a great learning tool. Eventually when the line of credit pops into place I'll be purchasing some Babe spindles. :) they have some neat stuff. 

I'm about ready to pass out after some tea. Have a great Monday!

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