Saturday, May 1, 2010

Windy and windier

Photos Friday was canceled. Unfortunately the wind kept me from going out and taking pictures. I really wanted to go to the local conservation park and take some shots of the ducks, geese, trees and anything else that struck my fancy. Don't worry. I'll make it up to you with photos of tomorrow's Beltane festival.
For those of you who don't know what Beltane is, I've included a link to Wikipedia's version. However, our celebration has a few differences because a Grove ADF Druids. Here is our take on the festival of Beltane.

Having that said, we have a load of things to do. After the two dye days, which is a lot of clean up, we have to ready the food and put finishing touches on the ritual. Peter and I will be officiating this ritual so the work load for that is double. We'll be heading out a lot earlier than normal so the may pole can be dug out of the garage and set up. Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us enough to set it up and dance around in the side yard. This maypole is going to be much smaller than the one used at our friend's Beltane celebration. All the maidens had to move a telephone pole to its hole in the ground. Let's talk about heavy! Just think we'll be doing it again on the 8th this year. Ready the muscles!

There is still a whole lot of wool on the drying racks. When I'm not readying for tomorrow, it'll be the wool braid-a-thon. And again, tomorrow will be a braid-a-thon. There are some great colorways that turned out. Some of them will not be repeatable. :( I'm wondering how on Earth this Agate color came out. Most of my experimentals will not be available as a repeat, either. It will be noted which colorways will not be repeated. More than likely "LIMITED EDITION" will be in the title. I'm introducing two different types of fiber this week, too. The first being a Merino 64s. Then the long awaited Rambouillet. There will only be four braids of the Rambouillet for now. I'm hoping on a line of credit to order a full bump of it this week. ::crosses fingers::

The fifth colorway I created is another Sailor Moon colorway. Think Sailor Jupiter! Yeah, buddy! It will be out in Rambouillet and Merino. The other mix and match colorways still need names.

Rememer there will be another shop update on Monday or Tuesday. I'll twitter and facebook when the shop is being updated. So, stay tuned!

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