Friday, June 11, 2010

This week...

in the world of this fiber crazy has been amazing.

First of all, the greatest thing in the last 49 years of Chicago Blackhawk Hockey came to us on Wednesday. They won Lord Stanley's Cup in overtime, 4 to 3. It was such a strange moment because no one knew what happened at first. We couldn't tell whether the puck was soaked up or hit the back of the net until Kaner started stripping and hopping like the little bunny that could down the ice. It caught everyone by surprise except Kane. That was amazing. Peter broke out the Tony Esposito wine. He did that in honor of Niemi being the first Finnish goalie to win the Stanely Cup. I have my own honoring of the Hawks and Niemi, thanks to Coolclimates on Etsy. We did a trade of fiber. Two of the batts I recieved were

Bjork Homogenic and Finland. Hopefully there is enough of both to make hats out of each batt.

To compensate for all the alcohol I've been drinking the tea service was broken out. Most of the time it's been Stash's Fusion Green & White Tea. It is one of my favorites, but this Jasmine Blossom Green Tea Natalie from Cloudlover sent me is my all time favorite. Today we're drinking Twinings Prince of Wales.

A couple days ago I finished knitting my Harvest Moon Cowl. It looks great don't you think. :) Right now it needs some blocking, but it still looks awesome! In the same time I took on a new project, pattern development. Some time ago I was approached by another yarnie about helping out with her next blog give-away. The project bundle has been finalized, but I want to include a pattern with it. It'd be a very small project with some smaller hanks of my handspun. Also, I'm in a collaboration with a pattern mistress. You'll see when it comes to fruition. Last night I started working on a pattern from the same pattern mistress. It is her Long-eared Cabled Beanie. It's the first picture in the latest installment of Photos Friday. The yarn is handspun from BFL wool named Hebrides. It is turning out great and will be the best St. Patrick's Day hat ever! Along with the beanie I've slowly been working on Uncle Glen's socks. Socks are not my passion, but it's a good project.

The weather has been very inconsistent. The rain is nice, but the humidity it brings has not been so kind. Earlier there were tornadoes south of us, Peoria. Had it not been a night the Blackhawks played, we would have been storm chasing. We have a group of people that want to go with us next time there is a Moderate risk. ( That's the site meteorologists use to figure out where to chase storms. First of all, we need something with more power than my little Chevy Cavelier, the hamster-mobile. A 4 by 4 would be nice to take out that way. Second, if we do take my hamster-mobile there are a few things that need to be worked on before we go. Lastly, I would want someone to have a portable internet connection. Wireless is one thing, but a connection where ever we go for a mobile doppler would be very very helpful. It would make me feel a bit safer than going at it blindly or by look and feel.

Today, I updated the look of this blog. It was just something that needed to be done. The blank stuff needed to be switched around. It needed some flair! Hope you enjoy it.


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