Friday, July 30, 2010

Da Ouchie

About two weeks ago I did something to injure my left shoulder/arm. It's still in a lot of pain. Today I went to the doctor's office. She says that I've got bilateral tendinitis and will need to come back for steroid injections for both shoulders. This afternoon (30 minutes) Dr. A will be injecting. Now, I have had these injections before in my feet. OMG! I'd rather saw the toe off than have that ever injected again. Toes and feet are sensitive, which is why I'm hoping this will not hurt as badly. However, the nurse/office assistant said it hurts! Joy of joys.
For the next few weeks I will not be able to spin. ::cries:: In the mean time there will be lots of knitting and television.

The only really good thing to come of it is a break from the day job. They hold a policy that says if an off work injury requires restrictions the employee cannot come back to work. It may just be a "CYA" thing for the company. I'll be praying for some short term disability to come my way.

Any good movies you could suggest for my durning the day marathon?


ragan/ mamatwitch said...

if you like older movies quiet man with john wayne and maureen o'hara is pretty good and new clash of the titans were gonna watch chloe later

lylian.mae said...

That is an excellent suggestion. I love that one.

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