Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Exciting Development

There is a new collaboration happening. It's a collaboration between at least seventy different designers and suppliers of handicrafted goodness. The designs and suppliers will be featured in a series of books called Fresh Designs published by Cooperative Press.
Mystery - Merino Wool - Coiled Yarn - Approx 98 yards
Mystery has been requested for a Briefcase/Bag design. How simply awesome is that? Very awesome, I must so myself. :) My designer is based out of Austria, which is even more exciting.

In other news, I sucessfully destashed approximately 15 lbs of yarn to charity knitters. Hooray! They should be delivered no later than tomorrow for everyone. Isn't that so neat. :)

The yarn for test knitting the Lady Sunshine Cardigan has arrived! It's going to be fantastic in color and in fiber choice. The yarn chosen is KnitPicks Andean Silk in the Mustard colorway. It is a discontinued colorway, but very rich and sheen. The feel of it is very luxurious and it will be a very neat fiber blend to knit with, let alone wear.

Isabella's birthday sweater is coming along great, also. The first sleeve is being worked on, finally. Seeing as how her birthday isn't until November, there's time yet.

I have requested August 8th through the 15th off of work. If I do not have the absolute need to dye before hand, it will be a week of dyeing, spinning, knitting and relaxing. That will also be a time of great experimentation. Surprising enough, middle school science was good for one thing, teaching the scientific method. Write a brief statement about what the experiment is supposed to do, write a thesis, list the materials, describe the process for both control and variable group and then present the findings. :) If someone didn't know any better, they'd think dyeing was a science. ::snickers:: It is a total science that combines basic chemistry and color. :) That's my kind of science.

Exciting it all is!

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