Saturday, July 3, 2010

Garage Sale Scores on a Photos Friday

Good morning to all my fellow garage sale and yarn junkies!! I've got some awesome scores for you today!

Check out these Schacht 14 yard warping boards normally priced at $110 each!

I paid 8% of their retail cost. That's right $18 for the two of them. What a bargain, right!? She also had a Bernat Loom. It was huge and just beautiful! How much did she want for this $1500 piece? Try $75 or best offer. It's in perfect working condition. I was so so tempted. She also had several pairs of hand carders and spindles. How neat!

Next is some yarn my mom scored for me at $2. It's some Bernat Kabuki yarn (52% silk 48% Acrylic) The coloring is perfect for a spring shawl. At the same garage sale as the warping boards they had a unique pendant of Romeo and Juliet. Peter's niece, Sammantha, is a huge Shakespear crazy. In fact, she is performing at the Shakespeare festival on July 17th @ Fiesta Days in McHenry. Isn't that all sorts of neat. It came with the chain for just under $4. Then of course were some spin in bits.

My last find was $15. For years I've said, "Oooh I wish I could stick this under a microscope and look at it." Well guess what, now I can. It is an antique and working microscope set with carrying case. Now to purchase some more slides and the ink they use to see things.

This all happened on Friday. So I am going to end this post with a little progress of my plants as with every Photos Friday. Take a look at how that last plant has just sprouted into sheer happiness since it's arrival. The Lavender in the first picture grew leaps and bounds by being here, too. Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

What a lucky ducky you are! I am soooo jealous. Good job!


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