Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Update

It has been a rather busy time here in my house. Finally, the time of relaxing has fallen. The past two weekends I've been working a "Craft" fair at Castle Gardens Nursery. In other words, work all week @ Meijer, come home get ready for the fair, help around the house, go to sleep, wake up around 6 a.m. (uber early for me) and sit while people gawk and stare at my spinning wheel. The worst part was having people mistake roving for draft dodgers. (so so sad) I'll be going back to the fair again at the end of August to avoid the heat and see if more advertising will bring more shoppers. Dates are listed on my Ravelry group.

In the mean time I organized a charity destash for the Afghan Squares for Pine Ridge Reservation and Bundles of Joy groups on Ravelry. The response was awesome, but overwhelming. This afternoon I hope to hear from the rest of the ladies about what shipping option they'd like. It'd be great to hit the post office this evening.

While at work on Wednesday a 6 pound package of wool arrived. Hooray! It's very exciting when wool shows up at my door. Now all I'm anxiously awaiting on is the arrival of my fiber club shipments. Becareful, I might get a bit twitchy before then. Just kidding, I have some great wools to keep me tied over for another month or so. In between the two weekends was a trip to the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Festival. My friend, Julie, her two boys and I met up with her friend and child for a great day. Friday wasn't too crowded, but there were more people than the previous year. Before I talk about wools, let me tell you how awesome that Polish Plate is. Think of the awesomeness that is Eastern Eruopean food.
  • 1 Polish Sausage (grilled) with Sour Kraut
  • 4 Pierogies (traditional & not Mrs. T's)
  • 1 Potato Pancake (huge!)
  • 1 Stuffed Cabage leaf
That is the Polish Plate for $10. You will not be able to finish it unless you are a bottomless pit! Speaking of diets, I so need a low fiber diet after that weekend. Spending $140 was way way to easy! However, the purchases were all for fibers or fiber blends that I've not seen or spun. Por ejemplo, Cloudlover has had this 50% Superwash Merino/50% Silk blend I've been dying to try for some time. Well of course, I bought some. River's Edge Weaving Studio had a 70% Superwash Merino/15% Seacell/15% Banana Silk blend that was too hard to pass up. Creatively Dyed Yarn was there with her 70% Superwash Merino/30% Seacell blend, which I've tried before and absolutely loved. Prior to spinning her blend, I tried a braid from another dealer, but the fibers were much to slippery and difficult to spin. After spinning Creatively Dyed Yarn's handpainted Seawool, she'll be the only person I buy it from. ABFab! Sitting along side Cloudlover's booth is Kitty Grrlz. I purchased two sets of scrap yarns for art yarns and two bundles of pure bamboo roving. Bamboo roving is going to be a slippery challenge, but I'm up to it! At the fair I learned how to needle felt (super easy). I even bought a small needle felting kit from Wool Warp and Wheel. Now it's time to make the felted beads for another project that is in the works. Hopefully that will be in the shop really really soon.

Today is going to be packed with more fun things. I'll be doing laundry at my mother's house soon enough. It'll be a fun day of knitting and visiting. Tomorrow I will try to do a dye day and make a post office run. If we're lucky, a new photos Friday installment. :)

Have a wonderful weekend. 

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