Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy Busy...

It just continues, but in such a great way! Laundry finished and put away, produce shopping done, dishes put away, the back half of Izzy's sweater knitted with front half being worked on and all destash boxes are packed awaiting labeling.

In the background I'm working another give-away opportunity for you all. Stay tuned for amazing details! Think Spongebob Squarepants and fibery goodness. Imagine it. :)

Then out of the blue I got a convo via Etsy regarding the second part of the sillylittlelady collaboration. Here is a sneak preview of the fingerless gloves to go with that fantastic Pagosa Slouch brimmed slouchy beanie. Isn't it lovely! Even better, sillylittlelady has made the length an option you the knitter decide. How cool is that?

So now here I sit at my computer relaxing for the first time. Praise the gods for air conditioning! It's after 8:30 PM here and it feels like 93 degrees outside. The wind is blowing, which is our only saving grace at this point. The weather is going to be even worse tomorrow, but alas more air conditioning. Praise the air conditioning gods! Hail thee "A" and "C"! Praise the electricity gods, as well. For it is they Com and Ed who provide A and C with the power to bring such wonders to us. They who graced Mr. Edison with the holy concept of electricy are great and masterful. Yeah, I've lost it. Must drink more water and get to some dishes and garbage/recycling collecting. 

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ragan said...

those look awesome

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