Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Naughty Medication

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It's been a fun week of a whole lot of not sleep. One of my medications is excellent at producing insomnia and unusual dreams. Isn't it fantastic? I don't think I've had one decent nights sleep in a week or so. Unfortunately it makes waking up to get Stephanie ready for school a pain. There is never enough sleep, yet when it is bedtime I'm not tired. ::sigh::

After doing much research, I've come to realize it is a reaction to Diclofenac. Apparently this is one of those rare side effects, 1% to 10% of people reported having these side effects. Last week I had a giant headache, which the Pharmacist told me, Diclofenac would take care of it. Nope, it's a side effect of the Cyclobenzapr and Diclofenac. However, I can take a dose of Tylenol as needed if the headache does come back. That is great to know. I wonder if Tylenol PM will work for the insomnia? One can only hope.

All of this insomnia has not affected spinning or knitting. I'm almost finished plying a five ounce Superwash Merino braid from Cloudlover called Meadow. It's turning out rather nicely. It barber poles a lot in the single, but when it's plied you don't notice it as much. Fiber Lady has become my source for bamboo roving. It's really some neat stuff. I spun up some of her Hibiscus colorway over the weekend as well as some Creatively Dyed Seawool in Iris. Uncle Glen's socks are coming along rather well. I put the cuff on a large circular needle, this way I can use the Magic Loop technique. It leaves me free to begin the next sock with DPNs (Working toe up socks). Depending on what kind of dress code Walmart has will determine what color yarn I will be spinning for a cowl and headband for my sister. She is a cake decorator for them, and is constantly in the freezers. Laurie is also one of many people that are always cold. She picked up that trait from our mother.

Have a good week!

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