Saturday, August 21, 2010

This week...

  • It's been a rather interesting time as I headed back to work for the first time in two weeks. My vacation was very rejuvinating. More things seemed to be easier and doable since returning to work. 
  • Thursday, was Stephanie's (stepdaughter) first day back at school. She is happy to be back, too. Her instructor started them immediately on reading 25 minutes a day. Homework on the first day! She's giving the kids a taste of what the real school world is going to be like. Hooray! 
  • Yesterday I decided to scrap working on the Lady Sunshine Cardigan for now. My goal was to have it made for a Christmas present. Instead, I'm going to spin some new yarn for a cowl and headband. However, I did finish Isabella's (niece) birthday sweater. Uncle Glen's socks are coming along quite nicely as well. The heel has been turned, I'm working on the leg portion. It's my first pair of toe up socks. :)
  • I am reading a few books for some independent study. The first is "Feeling Good," a self-help book for mood disorders/depression. It's reshaping the way I think about myself and the world around me. "Classical Mythology" is a Hellenic book I'm reading for a required book review on hearth cultures of the Indo-Europeans. The third is a writer's companion book. The book contains information on writing composition and grammar. Somehow I missed some of these crucial bits of information in high school and/or college. Either that or they simply didn't teach all of it. Both situations are highly likely. My secondary school was underfunded with a ciriculum that stunk worse than fresh skunk spray.
  • The medications prescribed for shoulder tendinitis are kicking my butt! The muscle relaxer makes me sleep longer than needed. The anti-inflamatory also makes me tired. Missing a doseage is not a good idea either. The pain comes back and allows my migraines to sneak into the picture. Bleh, migraines! 
  • Sneak attack food cravings came into play about five days ago. I wanted peanut butter cookies and/or Softee doughnuts. They have both been quenched, but now I want pancakes from IHOP. ::sigh:: No, I'm not pregnant. 
  • I've begun playing World of Warcraft again. Greymane is my Alliance server. I'm thinking of going to another server for Horde characters, but not quite sure. It's not that I need it because my play isn't very often. Two of my characters were deleted for non-usage on Wyrmrest Accord. Either way my Draenai Paladin is now level 20! Hooray!! 
I've gotta get back to knitting some socks. Have a good weekend!!

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