Thursday, August 12, 2010


I apologize for not continuing with my update. ::sigh:: Everyone ordering anything that is new will get 10% off their purchased price because I have been so neglectful. This will be good through the 22nd of August.

On the 10th I was preoccupied with a sleep over. Isabella, my three year old niece, and Stephanie, nine year old step-daughter, were having a grand old time. Having Izzy around fills me with so much joy, and everything else just seems to fall to the wayside. Can you tell that I really want to have a child one day? I'd get a puppy, but at least with a kid they learn to clean up after themselves. We had a grand old time. The girls passed out to watching My Neighbor Totoro around 9 p.m. Oh and we had ice cream called Monster Cookie by Blue Bunny with Hershey's Syrup. That gave Peter and I time to relax and chat before bed, shortly after.

On the 11th, I made breakfast. We had scrambled eggs, blueberries, strawberries, and toast with cinnamon and sugar or jam. The girls each had a banana before breakfast. Overall, it was a healthy breakfast for everyone. Afterward, the girls played until it was ready for Izzy to go back home. We had one "trauma" for the day. Stephanie and Izzy weren't paying attention, and Izzy's hand got shut in the vanity drawer. No bleeding, no breaks just pain. It was, in hind sight, some one-on-one attention time between Izzy and me. It's not often I get just us time with Stephanie around. She has this idea that a person has to be right next to you at all times when you're over or around her. We're slowly working her out of that notion.

Today, I didn't forget, but got the migraine from hell after going out to Office Depot to make copies of a couple e-books around 12 p.m. However, they are all pretty, bound, and ready for reading. After a nap, medication, and water this migraine will not go away. The next thing to try is some caffinated tea. I've eaten, which is sometimes the cause, but it still remains. Miss Carol from River's Edge Weaving Studio has given me one other remedy option, caffeine. So it's Lady Grey Tea to the rescue! ::woosh, the kettle is now on the stove::

Tomorrow, Stephanie's grandmother will be picking her up around 1 p.m. Hopefully I will have pictures taken and a small shop update for you. lol I was planning a larger shop update, however, there is a craft fair in a little less than two weeks from now. Can't have a fair without something in supply. What a Homer moment.

Sometime tomorrow afternoon will be a shop update.

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