Friday, August 6, 2010

Get your nails did: Avon Giveaway

Hello again and welcome to another giveaway. This time it's a product that I absolutely love. My mother, Sheryl, sells Avon and hooked me on their speed dry nail polish. My favorite color is the Mambo Melon. Usually nail polish is ruined in 20 minutes with me, but not with the speed dry nail polish. It dries in 60 seconds and you're ready to go. This is by far one of my favorite products from Avon.

In this giveaway you get to choose your color as well as a glossy UV protecting top coat or length and strength base coat. Below the colors are listed for easy browsing. 

The deadline for this giveaway is August 13th. A winner will be selected by pulling a number out of a hat. To enter, comment this post and tell me what your favorite brand and/or type of make-up is.

Our next giveaway will be right after this one. Stay tuned for some juicy handspun yarn from mamatwitch

Happy stitches and treadling!

P.S. If you don't have an Avon representative, well now you do. It's Sheryl. ;) She's always has a way to get you free shipping directly to you.


mamatwitch/ragan said...

oooo the redwine is really pretty and i dont have an avon lady yet i only have some mary kay

SillyLittleLady said...

I like the strawberry, and I'm not normally a 'pink' kind of girl! I don't really wear make up, but I always have my toenails painted :)

lylian.mae said...

This giveaway has ended!
Thanks for the support, gals. :)

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