Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cha...Cha...Changes are happenin'!

First of all, how do you like the new blog design? It seems much more simple and beautiful to me.
Boll Weevil - 100g Falkland/Corriedale Wool

What an exciting day! I've finally moved my entire shop to Artfire. There were more items added today as well as sale items. I love the ability to flag sale items. The decision was made after several Etsy sellers were unknowingly suspended from their site. There was no reason for the suspension given by Etsy either. To avoid the same goofy glitch, I made the move much sooner than intended. Today, I performed my first ever Artfire update. It went very well. Boll Weevil was one of the items posted in the update.
 The Black Friday Newsletter will be sent out tomorrow. If you haven't made it on the mailing list yet, sign up! It's scheduled to send at 9 AM EST.

This past week I did not change my background. I long for San Diego often. However, this week I changed it to another iconic image of a Goddess who is known to many, Persephone. It's just that time of year.
We watched a great documentary series episode called Clash of the Gods: Hades. It talks about how Hades pulled her down to the Underworld, and made her his bride. She ate three pomegranate seeds given to her by Hades. He tricked her to stay in the Underworld for every seed she ate. I've touched on this before in a post regarding Samhain so I'll shoosh now. Next week will be Aphrodite. She's another great Goddess.

This past week I've had three commissioned pieces come into the works. The first is a pair of fingerless gloves. Natalie has been asking me about making her a pair for quite some time. It wasn't until after knitting the Pagosa Mitts I realized how easy they were to do. So, I bought some KnitPicks Stroll Sport Weight in black, and the project began. Last week I listed a custom Reiki distance healing doll. Within a day someone sent me a request on Etsy. Today I finished it. Tonight I am going to cleanse, charge, and package it. Lastly, a friend asked me to knit the digestive tract for her. There is already a pattern available online. Finding all the yarn will be a great task. This probably will not be started until after the holidays. Finishing the Lady Sunshine Cardigain needs to come first.

January 2011 will be my first contribution to the Phat Fiber Box. However, I'm having a hard time coming up with an idea. I was thinking about dyeing up some roving, spin a braid, create samples from that, and have two or three braids of the roving for the shop. The colorway is stumping me. Guess I should check out what colors are lucky and prosperous according to the Chinese. ;)

Keep on truckin'! 

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