Sunday, November 7, 2010

Look & Feel

First let's take a look as to what my wallpaper has changed to this week.

I was feeling a little homesick for San Diego. Every day I used to look at this from across the bay on NAS North Island. It was a fantastic sight to see while jogging in the mornings. San Diego was a home that felt like home regardless of whether my time there was short.

Earlier this week I joined Phat Fiber as a contributor. My goal is to be ready for the January box. That means I need better pictures made up of my inventory. It also means I need graphics for the shop. Well, with all these needs I also decided to change the look of the graphics in the shop. My sister, Kim, will be coming over to take professional shots of all the inventory. Another hope of mine is to have several new braids of top and offer some of Peter's stitch markers.

Some of our phatties are on a relatively new site called ArtFire. It is growing by leaps and bounds in beta testing. They have 3 different levels of account participation and pricing. The first of course is free, which is important for new ventures. However, if you join and your rate for the Pro account is 9.95, like they're running today, they will never increase your rate so long as you stay active. Lifetime 9.95! There aren't any listing fees or % they charge after a sale. It's a cheaper way to do business, especially if you use the free services.

My Etsy shop will slowly be shutting down and moving over to Artfire. I went with the Pro account because business will be continuing to expand between ArtFire help and the Phat Fiber Box. Expect all items to be phased into ArtFire by the beginning of the New Year.

Black Friday is coming up and it's going to be a crazy day. My day job is a retail store called Meijer. It's only located in 5 states so if you haven't heard of it, no big. They are a privately owned company, and try to keep us employed without a worry as to the market. I love that. :) Not only will I be working that day, it will probably be early! In addition to working there, I'm going to have a sale at the Etsy shop as well. However, to get in on all the sale goodies you have to be a part of the mailing list to get the discount codes. It will be good. :D

In other news, my niece turned 4 yesterday! How is it that time goes so quickly for us when we're older? It seems she was turning 2. She's brilliant and learning quickly. We've got to keep her challenged otherwise she become bored. Wow, doesn't that sound like her Auntie?

Also, I got a commissioned piece of knit work. One of the ladies at work would like some fingerless gloves. I purchased some from sport weight yarn from KnitPicks on Thursday and it arrived Saturday. That project will get started shortly after the graphics are finished. (Not that long at all. The preliminaries are done, now it is just getting it to fit into the right sized banners, etc. Having Adobe Illustrator will make that a breeze and a half!

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!

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