Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dear Readers,

Hello and good afternoon. I apologize for my neglect. On the bright side you will get to read up on a whole lot of new and exciting things.

First of all, we're almost to the new year! Holy cow, we're getting old! Yeah, well so is some of my inventory. If you would like to help clean out my closets, I'm having sale. Both store fronts will be 25% off! Etsy on Sale has been a god send! There are no coupon codes and no more refunds through Paypal! Huzzah! Artfire is the only exception. Please enter 'NEWYEAR' during check out for your discount! Also, I just marked down all Superwash fibers in my ArtFire shop by 10%. You'll be getting a double deal!

In other shop news, I've gotten a few answers back from the survey. There will be some follow up questions for those of you who selected Etsy as your primary purchasing tool. I've got more questions, but for now things will be again changing.

Personal News:
We got some new furniture. I'm really happy about it because now we have a sofa we can sleep or lay down on when needed. The wing back chair is working out perfectly! Most of all we are able to keep the old couch out for extra seating! Oh happy day!

Christmas was an odd bugger this year. First off, my father neglected to tell us he wasn't doing Christmas this year. Every Sunday prior to Christmas we have dinner at his house. We went to his house, and found no one there. My sister and I went to her house so the girls could have Christmas together before Stephanie went to her mother's for vacation. It was odd and I cried all night. The next day I worked and have a great visit from one of our customers. Every year he is a Santa for hire. He's perfect for the job because he grows out the white beard and everything. He gave me the greatest handshake hug and everything was forgiven. My step-mother eventually called and let us know what happened. We made plans to come over on Christmas Eve.

Then at 1:45 a.m. Wednesday, our smoke detectors went off. Our apartment buildings have had false alarms for several months now, but for "shits and giggles" I decided to go check the laundry room. Well, there was smoke. I opened the door where the pump for all the sprinkler systems were. The pump's motor was on FIRE! I saw 4 to 5 inch flames coming out of the motor. Thankfully any and all remembered boot camp training came into play. I bashed out the fire extinguisher remembered to anchor, pull the pin, aim, and spray in a sweeping motion. Then I banged on doors, had our upstairs neighbors call the 911, and got Stephanie up and out of the apartment. I found my phone and made sure that 911 was called, called Peter, and got out. Thankfully the fire was put out on the first attempt. After we were let back into our building I called in to work, called my mother, sent a text message to my father, and took pictures. Needless to say no one slept for some time afterward. That's where recording Kung Fu Panda the night before came in handy. :D

Here are two of the photos from that night:
Pump Motor
Bashed Out Extinguisher

That day my father called us. Debbie, my step-mother was in the hospital. She couldn't breathe and they didn't know why. Our best hopes were true. Her case of Acid Reflux Santa was so over joyed it provided an ulcer on her esophagus as a pre-Christmas Day present. Thankfully she made it home for Christmas Eve. :)

Christmas Day we spent at Mom's house. My mother said it was to be a relaxing day. We had both worked, and it was one of the only days off that week. I was so looking forward to it because my niece gift wrapped a kiss with cold germs. Being sick on Christmas Day is no picnic. No, it didn't quite turn out that day. Mom got a wild hair up her bum that it'd be a great idea to make food for 15 people when we only had 6! What was worse, she made me help her. She had me making penguins.
Penguins are jumbo black olives, small black olives, cream cheese and carrots. Slice the jumbo black olives on one side and jam full of cream cheese. Cut the carrots to look like feet and beaks. Jam the whole thing together with a toothpick and eat.
Yes, it turned out cute, but I do not like black olives. Bleh! Mom was the only person to eat any of them. 

We were supposed to go up to my uncle's house this weekend, but Peter has to work on Saturday. I'm kind of upset about this whole thing. We were supposed to go see Uncle Glen for Thanksgiving, but Black Friday was scheduled poorly. Then we made plans for Christmas Eve and Day. There were other problems going on. Next plan was New Year's Eve. That plan, too, was shut down. I'm hoping for some much needed visiting to Northern Wisconsin, soon!

Now that all the drama is over with I'm ready to refresh and start a new year. Here's hoping the best for 2011!

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