Sunday, January 23, 2011

While I've been out...

a lot of knitting & spinning has been done. 
I'm almost done test knitting the Lady Sunshine cardigan from Holly Priestly. 
It's going to get done by mid February. 

Recently, I purchased 'Darlene' from Fall Creek Fibers. 
It's 2 oz. of Cashgora Silk & very very pretty. 
It's being spun as a lace weight singles & plied together.

In other news, my mother has gloating rights for a few weeks until the Superbowl. 
Then hopefully the Packers will be beaten. Ugh!
How does a native Chicago girl root for the Packers? 
Yeah, well that is my mom. 

The search is on for foods & other products without soy. 
Over the past month, we found out I've got a food intolerance to soy. 
It took for the ingestion of peanut butter cookies made with soy milk to set a reaction. 
Then another week to find out what the reaction was from. 
My mother is allergic to peanuts, which led me to believe it might be that.
Alas, no, that wasn't it. Thank the GODS! I love my peanuts. 
It's back to meat, fruits, vegetables, other beans, & nuts.

Hope your weekend has gone well.

1 comment:

SillyLittleLady said...

Thanks so much for test knitting for me! I know this sweater has been such a headache.

Glad you're not allergic to peanuts, that would be most unfortunate!

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