Friday, June 3, 2011

What we're all about

So, really what is this F.I.X. thing I keep talking about? 
If you're so curious, why not visit Spin Artiste for an interview with our fearless leader, Beth. 
It's a great interview, and many of my sentiments are the same as other shop members. 
I would have loved to add my 2 cents in, but the wedding needed to be planned in less than a week. 

The biggest thing I've noticed in the shop after joining F.I.X. is the hits from other places. 
I've come to know places and other ways to promote my business. 
Sometimes, I'm just another face in the crowd with other co-op like places.
When I posted about a sizing issue with the Spinners' Mates to a certain group, I was ignored. 
Then I asked everyone at F.I.X., there were answers all over the place. 
Due to such excellent support, I'm getting a little further with releasing them as a custom product to be available in the shop. 
The only issue I am having now is figuring out what kind of tracking system to use for the fabrics in stock, which is being solved at this time.

F.I.X. has made a major difference in my business.
I'm very thankful for the work Beth has put into creating it. 
I'm also very thankful for my other members for keeping it going. 
We have so many great ideas to share. 


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