Saturday, July 23, 2011

There has been a lot going on since last Friday. 
This past Saturday I received a Blue Faced Leicester fleece from Magic Hill Farm in the mail.
It is a very clean fleece! 
From what I've been told that it's very uncommon to have a nearly vm free fleece out of a BFL sheep. 
Bailey will be the sheep for me! 

So, I've been washing this fleece in lots to preserve the locks via the Yarnharlot way. 
It has been taking forever. 
While I'm at my mother's today the remainder will be washed in the machine via the Joy of Handspinning way.
The fleece can be picked from there. 
Wading through all the dirt just grosses me out sometimes. 

At the same time I began washing Diego's fluff.
His wool is combed as he sheds. 
It is not smelly like most bucks. 
Deigo's fiber is a Type B fleece, which is similar to a cashmere down.
After the Tour de Fleece is over with I hope to blend it with a wool on my Louet Junior Carder. 
Then it can be spun into a very warm yarn.
I'm not sure which wool to blend it with yet. 
Perhaps it would be a bit more lustrous mixed with some mohair?

Carissa of Bumblebee Acres and I made an awesome trade of fibers. 
She needs top, and I want fleece. 
In particular, I want English Angora and Cormo.
Both of us got what we wanted!
Now it's a matter of what am I supposed to do with this Angora and Cormo?
At the moment the Angora has been subject to heavy petting. 
It's a beautiful broken lilac fleece of four ounces. 

Thursday, Carissa made a stop over at my house to look at the BFL fleece from Magic Hill Farm. 
It is my first fleece; therefore I need a little bit of a look over to be sure what is good. 
She brought more Cormo to trade for top. 
This time it was colored Cormo! 
I'm in love with Cormo, too. 
The crimp of a fleece is my favorite thing to look at. 

While Carissa was over, I brought out a bag of silk cocoons. 
The silk worm cocoons are a whole new experience for me.
The ones I bought still had the worms inside the cocoons.
To be completely honest, I was a bit apprehensive cutting into them.
She was my moral support as I cut into the cocoons. 
It's not that bad. 
The trouble is making a nice neat circle at the end when you cut. 
There has to be an alternative. 
Until then I am going to let the rest sit, and do some research. 


Last night water poured through the air conditioning unit in our living room at 1:45 a.m. 
It was a total mess. 
Of all the things I can easily troubleshoot, this was and still is not one of them. 
I'm very thankful to be awake at that time. 
The water traveled down the cord toward the outlet of the on a/c unit. 
The unit is also above the outlet we use for Peter's computer. 
If I wasn't awake at that time, then we would have had a real piece of work on our hands. 


My day job is prepping for "Back to School" time. 
This is a great advantage for me!
First, all those composition notebooks are greatly discounted. 
I can create fabric covered notebooks with little cost to me. 
They are going to be great for the farmers market.
Second, I was able to purchase two English language quick notes laminated sheets. 
This is a wonderful thing to have around when writing this blog. 
As you can tell I have issues with punctuation at times. 


Today, Peter and I went to the Woodstock Farmers Market before coming to Mom's house.
We picked up some great vegetables from Bumblebee Acres and Edmond's Acres
Edmond's is our place to get Kohlrabi.
We've slowly been trying new vegetables throughout the summer. 
I've come to love all different kinds of lettuces such as oak lettuce, kale, sorrel, and Swiss chard. 
The market is always a lot of fun. 


I apologize for the lack of pictures, and the long first person narrative.
However, it's a lovely little first person narrative, don't you agree?
Have a fantastic weekend! 

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