Thursday, August 11, 2011

Could be trouble...

or could be really really good!
I recently started watching food documentaries. 
Mainly in response to the way my step-daughter has been eating food when she is with her mother. 
I'm sorry, but a 10 year old child should not gain 20 pounds in 2 months regardless of whether she grew 3 inches. 
The kid has a belly, huge thighs, and you can see fat in her face. 
It's due to the lack of nutrition, and what her mother decides is considered a meal. 
Granted, her mother is dead tired from going to school in the morning, straight to work, and then home, which is all by bus. 
That is not my fault.  
A child still needs to be raised with proper nutritional guidelines. 
With childhood obesity continuing to rise it is imperative.

Tonight we watched a documentary called Food Matters.
Its purpose is to educate you on what you're putting in your body, how the different foods react, and what is wrong with our current medical doctrines. 
We all got some great information out of watching this documentary. 
Did you know: 
  1. You should drink 2 liters of water prior to eating something in the morning?
  2. Niacin was prescribed to the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous to treat his depression? (and it worked!)
  3. Food looses 40% of its nutrients in 5 days time?
  4. There is more protein in Spirulina than a cooked steak? (50% more)
  5. Vitamin C is a mood lifter as well as a way to fight off the common cold?
This is an information packed show! 


How does this tie into the fiber arts? 
Well, it really doesn't in most ways. 
However, since I've been going to farmers markets for my shows homegrown organic food has been thrust into light. 
I want to eat better, live better, and do better things. 
It is a refreshing breath to get away from the big box stores and corporate way of thinking, and doing. 
This is changing my life.

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SillyLittleLady said...

I *love* food documentaries. Its my favorite genre of all time for real.

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