Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy, busy, busy...again!

There are a lot of changes coming up over the next two months. 
We are making a command decision on Thursday, regarding our current residence. 
Aka, we may be moving. 
There is a lot to plan for if this happens. 
Money tight, etc. 

After watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, we've decided to save money to buy a juicer. 
We're going to commit to a 15 day juice fast. 
It's something that Peter really needs to try for his auto-immune disorder. 
I want to do it to help with the IBS and soy intolerance. 
We'll do it together to support our decision. 
Hopefully, this will help us lead a better lifestyle. 
Better living makes for true happiness. 
Hopefully it will be happiness that doesn't revolve around fiber and crafting. ;) 
Whereas, fiber will always make me happy, it will be nice to have myself make me happy. 

We found that I will not have to work so long as my goal of at least $200 in sales per month is made. 
The business will get pumping and forced to thrive. 
A big part of this is a decision not to work in any run of the mill grocery store. 
I just cannot do it any longer. 
Watching the different things people put on the belt, food-wise, is making me want to throw up or slap the person buying the junk.
It makes it even harder when the person is obese, sick, and using an electric cart. 
It is even more difficult not to blow up when the person is using food stamps to purchase nothing but junk food. 
There really should be a law made restricting what people can buy on food stamps. 
NO SUGARY JUICES (like Capri-Sun)
It really should be like WIC. 
If people want to eat poorly, and continue to be sick, then they should have to pay for it. 
We shouldn't have to pay for them to buy this stuff. 
We shouldn't have to pay for their bad health. 
Most people on food stamps are on Medicaid. 
If people in Congress want to cut spending, then make this a law. 
If the items they are buying do not represent a healthy diet, then they shouldn't be able to purchase it with food stamps. 
The First Lady wants to stamp out obesity in our nation. 
This would work towards this. 

This is my ultra pet peeve when people are paying by food stamps. 
Rant ended. 


Also, by not working and focusing more on the fibery goodness I can spend more time writing this blog, properly! 
Holy gods, that'd be freaking awesome! 

We're going to have a good time!




SillyLittleLady said...

I *LOVE* that documentary! And I'm excited to see all the positive changes in your life :D Woo for fibery businesses!

lylian.mae said...

Thank you, Holly! Things are very much changing! ;)

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