Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Versatile Blogger

There is a new award out there called the Versatile Blogger. 
I'm very happy and grateful to announce I've been awarded this honor by SillyLittleLady, Holly. 

How the Award Works
  1. After accepting, thank the person who gave it to you, and link back to them
  2. Share 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass the award on to 15 blogs you’ve found recently
Seven things about me: 
  1. The only jewelry I wear on a daily basis is my wedding ring.
  2. I prefer my hair to be up in a pony tail. It tends to be rather messy if not put up and out of the way.
  3. Having the ability to help someone and doing so makes me happy.
  4. Upgrading my spelling, grammar, and punctuation is always on my to do list.
  5. Doing the dishes is the dirty deed in my life. 
  6. I don't always fold my laundry or put it away.
  7. The morning of September 11th, 2001, I was asleep and woken up by a phone call for my mom. My response was, "Who the f*@% is calling before 9 in the morning? Tell them they need to wait until after 9!" Then mom turned on the Tv. "Oh holy f*$%!, I need to call my recruiter." We watched the coverage the entire day. For the next two weeks I could not sleep on my own. I stayed awake until passing out to Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and Half Baked most nights. That is also when I decided to date my now ex-husband again.
15 Blogs I'm giving this award to: 
  1. The Curly Bird Express
  2. How About Orange
  3. The Old Ways
  4. Happy Home Baking
  5. Collecting Moments...one by one
  6. Enlightened Cooking
  7. Dumb Little Man Tips for Life
  8. Farmgirl Fare
  9. Hazelnuts
  10. Eating Bird Food
  11. Mountain Rose Blog
  12. Never Not Knitting
  13. Juniper Moon Farm
  14. The Raw Divas
  15. Raw Guru

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