Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anniversary Time

This month is the anniversary of the Fiber Indie eXperience Co-op! 
As such we're giving an extra sample box with our event this month. 

Please, visit my FIX page to get more details on the event. 

Here is the loot: 

As you can see, each prize box is about $155 in value. 
What you're only partially seeing in the Spinners Prize Box is a Spinners Mate. 
Yep, they're being made. 
I hope to have them up in the shop by the 17th of September. 
Hold onto your hats!

Northwind Perennial Farm will be holding their farmers market through mid-October. 
It's going to be very exciting seeing all the lovely flowers that Miss Angela brings to the market. 
Also, on Saturday, September 10th, they are hosting an annual arts and craft fair. (Rain date will be September 17th.)
It's going to be a blast! 
I've been promoting it all over Woodstock. 
Hopefully there will be a few more community boards to spotlight the event. 
The place is entirely booked with vendors! 


Coming soon to the shop will be new yarns. 
There will be a lot of art yarns coming, too. 
It's the season for funkified genius to start popping up.


In other not shop like news, I've finally read/watched The Secret. 
It has made an great impact on my day job work already. 
It will continue to improve my life ten fold. 
This is something that I am going to recommend to everyone. 
For folks with Netflix, it is on the instant queue. 
Also, it should be at your local library for rental. 
Find a way to the Secret, and it will improve you life.

As a change from just fiber talk, I'm going to be posting things I am truly grateful for. 
For instance, I am grateful to have a loving partner in life like Peter. 
I am grateful to have readers that enjoy the talk of fluff!
Thank you! 


Ask. Believe. Receive.

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