Friday, December 16, 2011

Cake Pops = Success

Wednesday, my mother, sister, niece, and I made a ton of cookies, fudge, and cake pops. 
It was fun for a while. 
That was in the early bit of the 8 to 10 hours of baking. 
Mom told us to choose three cookies we wanted to make. 
I just wanted ginger snaps, chocolate chip, and cake pops. 
Laurie wanted to do divinity, sugar cookies, and spritzer cookies. 
Mom had a list of about 5 things, including two types of fudge. 
We made chocolate chip, divinity, sugar cookies, spritzer cookies, banana chocolate chip cookies (gag!), jello fudge, butterscotch cheesecake fudge, chocolate chip bars, and 75 cake pops. 
I was the cake pop queen. 
However, it gets exhausting after the first 25-50 of them. 
Now, normally we are only baking for ourselves and maybe another two or three people, which would be grandparents and/or uncle. 
No, Mom decides to drop a bomb on us that we are also making them for her people at work. 
I don't mind making them for family, but to be last minute dropped that we have to make enough for the people at her work, too, really killed the whole holiday spirit that day. 
Laurie and I did not want to be there until midnight making cookies. 
Laurie is 6 days from giving birth to her second child, and I have a low tolerance when it comes to bull spit.
Tension was running high around 5:30 p.m.
On top of cookies my mother wanted us to decorate the tree. 
Had she gotten her way with everything we would have been there well into 2 a.m.
We stayed there until 8:30 to 9 p.m. 


I learned a lot about cake pops. 
They have to be very close to frozen before dipping them. 
Otherwise they slide off the candy stick. 
That's not good, it's very messy.
Not a whole lot of frosting needs to be added. 
A lot of lessons in the ways of cake pops were learned. 

The next day, my father and step-mother were having their kennel club Christmas party at the house. 
Everyone brought a dish to pass. 
Peter made a Cajun Beef Casserole from the Taste of Home magazine. 
It turned out lovely. 
After everyone was done with dinner I unleashed the cake pops. 
Eight out of 30 are left in the refrigerator.
All the women wanted to know how to make them.
Cake pops were a total success. 

They are very very easy.
If you want to make them for your holiday party, or are just plain curious as to what I'm talking about; then check out this video tutorial: 

This lovely tutorial is not the one I used. 
This one is more informative! 
The lady in this video is quite inventive and a cake pop genius. 
The only thing I would recommend is finding a more cylindrical bowl to dip your cake pops in.
It makes it a lot easier when dipping them into the candy coating.

Here are two recipes that went over very well with the group.
The First:
1 package yellow cake
1 package cream cheese cake frosting
1 package cinnamon red hots crushed or chopped
1 package Wilton's candy coating in white

Follow the directions in the video tutorial. Also, remove the hard ends of the cake from the baking process. It doesn't look pretty and can be bothersome when rolling into balls.

Dip the balls in the candy coating, and sprinkle the cinnamon red hots on top of the coating. The flavor of the cinnamon will enter the coating to give it a little bit of flavoring.

The Second:
1 package chocolate fudge cake mix
1 package peppermint frosting
1 package Wilton's red candy coating
Green, red, & white sprinkles. (Wilton's makes some with the white being snowflakes.)
(At your discretion add broken up peppermint candies, but it will be very very pepperminty)

Follow the same directions as stated above. Be sure to keep an eye on how much of the peppermint candies you use because the flavor inside the coating will over power the fudge flavor. If you want a more decorative peppermint look, try using a vanilla or chocolate frosting for the inside to avoid the stronger peppermint flavor.
I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season!

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