Sunday, December 11, 2011

The other day I went to The Home Depot to gather project supplies. 
One product in particular were the Behr paint swatches for dyeing ideas. 
The gentleman there was most helpful. 
He gave me the entire swatch kit (3 inches tall by 12 inches long palette!) from behind the counter. 
It was freaking sweet! 
Needless to say I will never need to worry about paint swatches for a very very long time! 

Also, I found all the wire needed for my winter project. 
After my commissioned works and Christmas I'm going to begin that work. 

Hopefully before Christmas all the wool I ordered will be here! 
This is going to be a huge box!  
We're talking well over 40 lbs of wool being delivered!
January will be a dye heavy month. 
I hope to have a drop spindle class that month, too. 

Have a super weekend!

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